What is HealthPathways?

HealthPathways Illawarra Shoalhaven (HPWIS)

  • an initiative for the Illawarra Shoalhaven Local Health District (ISLHD) and COORDINARE – South Eastern NSW PHN
  • a free web-based portal to support general practitioners and other health professionals in assessing, managing and referring patients.

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View this short YouTube video for a GP's take on HealthPathways although far less pathways were localised at that time. 

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Latest news

This is the latest list of COVID-19 related HealthPathways:

The clinical components have been developed by the whole HealthPathways (HPs) Clinical Community. A special thanks to the Hunter New England HPs team for their significant contributions amongst many other NSW HPs regions. Dr Louise Delaney, working with our team since September 2015, is the Clinical Lead Advice and Support for the whole HPs Community and has been instrumental in getting this response underway.

514 pathways are now published. Click on localised pathways to access.
To track pathways under development click on PATHWAY PROGRESS in the top menu bar.  

A mobile friendly platform is now available.

Click on the end of year update from the HealthPathways Team and Steering Committee.

This strategy has been developed collaboratively by COORDINARE and Illawarra Shoalhaven Local Health District.  HPWIS is mentioned regularly within the document and is noted as an E-health enabler towards the continued integration of health care in the Illawarra Shoalhaven region. 

This is our HPWIS Short Term Evaluation Report for the period 2015 - 2017.

This is the link to the publication database for the whole HealthPathways Community. 

These are Australian Health Review publications of note for the Australian HealthPathways Community:
1. 4-year journey of Hunter and New England HealthPathways, published Feb 2017 
2. HealthPathways improving access to care in Barwon, Victoria, published Feb 2018
3. Implementing Healthpathways across Queensland, a case study, published in May 2019.

As expected site usage continues to rise. In comparing Jan - Aug 2020 to the same period in 2019, session usage has increased 109%, page views 71% and users 15%.   

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The site has been live since 21 Sept 2015.

Dr Louise Delaney has published a significant number of pathways for our local site since 2015, too many to name. Louise is also the Clinical Lead - HealthPathways Advice and Support across the HealthPathways International Community

Drs Jan Hogbin and Soli Duveaux joined our team in late 2017 and are drafting/publishing pathways. Dr Eniko Ujvary joined our team in December 2019. To view the team and other key contributors click here or on the TEAM in the top menu bar.

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Looking for clinical pathways and referral information:

Electronic Referrals

Behind the scenes, COORDINARE and ISLHD are gearing up to ensure the HealthPathways site is the central portal to locate referral options and send secure electronic referrals using Best Practice or Medical Director. This is a much needed advancement that has been requested by many GPs at clinical working groups.

Provider Directory

As clinical pathways are localised a new style provider directory is being collated to list public, private and other community options. This is a useful development for the Illawarra Shoalhaven. The site's search engine is an efficient way to locate a pathway, specialist or service.

Partnership Approach

The HPWIS Team appreciates and thanks the District Clinical Divisions and Departments for their advice. ISLHD Clinical Stream Directors and other specialists are providing oversight on clinical pathways.

Our GP Clinical Editors spend time with these clinicians to ensure pathways are localised expediently and with the latest medical assessment and management information. ISLHD Clinical Nursing and Allied Health professionals are also providing tremendous support to ensure the advice and request/referral pages and support information reflect current service provisions.

The COORDINARE and ISLHD partnership is ensuring GPs, specialists and other health professionals are working together with patients at the centre of the discussions and developments.