Frequently Asked Questions

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Who will be able to access HealthPathways?

Whilst HealthPathways is primarily used by general practitioners and specialists, it is also for health professionals in hospitals and community settings to support health care management.  

Access to HealthPathways is via a secure login.   

The portal is not designed to be used by patients or general community members however there will be resources available on the portal that GPs and health professionals can provide to patients.    

Will the pathways be localised?

HealthPathways Illawarra Shoalhaven (HPWIS) is specifically relevant to the Illawarra and Shoalhaven providing appropriate local information about assessment, management and referral options for a range of conditions.  

How did HealthPathways come about?

HealthPathways is based on a highly successful model, created by Canterbury District Health Board in New Zealand, to enhance the way hospital and general practice share the care and management of patients in the most appropriate setting.  

How often will the pathways be updated?

HealthPathways are dynamic with new pathways constantly under development and pathways regularly reviewed in light of changing evidence, technology and service re-design.  

How will GPs benefit from HealthPathways?

HealthPathways are designed to be efficient, simple and quick for GPs to use at the point of care.  

In fact, HealthPathways will aid GPs to better help patients by outlining:

  • the best management and treatment options for common medical conditions
  • information on how to refer to the most appropriate local services and specialists
  • educational resources and information for patients to enable better self-management of health.  

How will HealthPathways benefit patients?

Patients benefit by having general practice provide more care in the community and greater clarity about referral options to speciality services.  

How will HealthPathways benefit the Illawarra Shoalhaven Local Health District?

By providing general practice key service information, appropriate patient referral criteria and condition management indicators, it is expected that in time, HealthPathways in conjunction with other service delivery initiatives, will result in:

  • less demand on acute services as more patients are managed in the community
  • shorter waiting time for patient procedures and reduced need for speciality follow-up
  • an increase in shared care.  

Will health professionals be able to suggest topics for HealthPathways development?

Yes. The HPWIS team is keen to hear suggestions for pathway development from GPs and other health professionals. This feedback is discussed and prioritised in consultation with the HPWIS Steering Committee.  

Where can I get more information?

For more information, contact the Illawarra Shoalhaven HealthPathways Team.